The political material featured on BuzzFeed is designed not to be picked up by one conservative eccentric, but by tens of thousands of lazy individuals. To that end, most posts and articles feature one easy-to-digest piece of information presented as directly as possible, along with a compelling illustration, followed by some words that most consumers are not expected to read. In this model of viral renown, context isn’t just superfluous, it’s often counterproductive.
It feels so dang good to read Alex Pareene tear into two of the biggest new media political news source. I wish he had gone into Huffington Post as well, but I guess his complaints would be kind of obvious.
  1. onemanbandstand said: FURTHER COMPLICATION: The BuzzFeed hire of Michael Hastings has given them phenomenal longform pieces, and McKay Coppins has been uniquely insightful on Romney. But yes yes yes to this piece a thousand times yes.
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